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Work with an Agent with 25 Years of Experience in the Toronto/GTA Relocation Business.

Relocations are often extremely short and intense periods where hundreds of decisions are made in the timespan of weeks. Buyers who are moving to a new city put an extrordinary amount of trust in their Agent and lean heavily on their opinions and expertise to assist in ultimately selecting their home.

As an Agent, I work hard to be sure each and every one of my relocation clients are truly informed about the GTA/Toronto market and know the diverse options available to them. Clients who choose me can be sure that I not only will be working closely with them, but also assisting in the communicating with the relocation company and closing lawyer to ensure the entire process is seamless. My team also includes Mortgage Consultants and Brokers, Certified Professional Accountants, and Contractors.

I have been working in the GTA/Toronto Real Estate Relocation Business for over 25 years and have a level of experience and familiarity with relocations that is hard to match.

If you are considering relocating with me, please also take a look at my Buying or Selling pages to get a sense of the process I go through with all of my clients.


In addition to the process I go through on the Buying page, with relocation clients we generally end up spending more time talking about the Toronto/GTA market and discussing core questions that people moving to a new city want to know: the communities, transit/infrastructure, financial regulations and necessities, and differences between your current city and where we are looking.

Lots of our back and forth happens before you even get to Toronto. Over the time leading up to your first visit, I will be sending you listing information, photos, and asking questions about your current community/lifestyle.

My goal is that by the time you visit Toronto, you have seen the diversity of options needed so that you do not feel pressured when you arrive to see properties. Throughout this process, I am also working hard to ensure all your questions are answered and you do not become overwhelmed by information.

I pride myself on exceptional client service, let me show you what my 20 years in the relocation business can do for you in finding your dream home.


In addition to the process that is included on the Selling page, for sellers who are relocating from Toronto to another city, I spend a substantial amount of time working with your relocation firm and lawyer's closing office to ensure everything in your transition is smooth.

I work with you to understand your relocation companies' terms and policies, your transition timelines, cashflow planning (if you are buying before selling), and closing terms that line up with your new job. By the time the house is sold, not only are all the loose ends tied up, but the difficult personal hurdles have also been delt with: navigating what to sell/move/store, decluttering, and organizing.

If you are planning to move to the US, my years of expertise in cross-border moving will be invaluable.