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A diligent and organized professional can help you navigate the aggressive Toronto Real Estate market.

As a full-service Buying Agent, my job is to ensure you receive an exceptional and diligent experience through every aspect of your property hunt and purchase. Clients who work with me stay informed, are listened to and feel well-represented. I strive to offer a first-class service and to be worthy of your business at every stage of the purchase. Whenever you need assistance - in finding and evaluating properties, assisting your decision-making, fighting for you and negotiating on your behalf, or interpreting legalize - you can count on me to provide a diligent and professional experience. It is important that clients understand the process I go through with them to help them purchase their new home, investment or business property. I’ve outlined my step-by-step approach below.


At the beginning of any property search, there are a few critical things that we need to establish together: budget, needs/wants, constraints, and timelines. Most often I meet my clients over coffee to start this process.


Our first discussion revolves around learning about each other. It's important to me that you know about the market and that you have an opportunity to really voice your wants and needs. I like to start by asking about the research you've already completed and the neighbourhoods you're considering. We spend most of our time ensuring you know critical information about the locations you are exploring--price points, history, transportation, neighbourhood feel, community, schools, shopping etc. My goal is to ensure you are fully informed about each unique area of the Toronto market.


The first meeting also often involves reviewing my Buyer’s Package with you (a set of documents I give to all my potential clients). This package includes the information you need to know and the documents you will need to execute when purchasing your new home. As well as the agreement of purchase and sale we will also discuss the requirements for the initial deposit, the buyer representation agreement, and a layperson’s version of each. I will also go through the financing and closing process with you, making sure that you are aware of critical financial matters connected to buying your home in Toronto (closing costs, land transfer taxes, pre-approval, bank drafts/deposit cheques, etc).


Next, we establish our preferred communication methods and expected timelines and I’ll suggest a few necessary activities such as: calling the bank to review available financing, exploring neighbourhoods, and writing down any questions you need to be answered.

I always want my clients to leave this meeting feeling confident that we are working towards the same timelines, with confidence in my expertise, and ready to find their dream home in Toronto. From there, we're off to the races! We go to work shopping for properties!


Now we get to the fun part! I’ll be sending you information on properties of interest, we’ll be communicating back and forth, and arranging to see properties together. When searching for a property, good agents must be exceptional at four things: market knowledge, preparation, speedy access to available properties, and communication.


A buying agent must have extensive knowledge of the current Toronto market. That’s why for each community of interest you are exploring, I will help you understand the core characteristics of each neighbourhood including current/historical prices and variance, properties that have recently sold, demographics of owners/renters, local greenspace, community hubs, transit and infrastructure, just to name a few.


Buying agents must be diligent in researching and monitoring the market every day. The average Toronto home only stays on the market 20-30 days (As of December 2022 TREB Data) At such an astounding rate unorganized agents simply miss good properties because they become overwhelmed.

Each day I send each of my clients a notification of all the houses on the market within their specifications and price range. I also understand the importance of respecting my client’s time and schedule. I always try to arrange multiple property visits in a day so we can make the most out of your time.


Agents also have a duty to their clients to be savvy at properly using the MLS system to find potential properties of interest, quickly and effortlessly. Using our proprietary Johnston & Daniel MLS notifications system, along with my personalized twice-daily property review on your behalf, you can be assured that you will have speedy access to a depth and breadth of properties within your desired buying area and property features at your fingertips. This includes exploring properties that may not be in your target communities but may have some of the selling features you are looking for. Through Johnston and Daniel, I also have a line of exclusive (off-market) listings.


A clear and consistent line of communication between the Agent and Client is key to a successful buying process. I’ll work with you to establish a simple process where both parties can be sure that their messages are being received and followed up on, whether by text, phone or email. As a person of my word, I value and encourage open communication within our relationship guided by our agreed-upon timelines and your goals.


Once we have the property you're in love with it's time to make an offer. From our previous weeks of work together, we generally know the price range for the offer. I prepare the papers and we then sit down to review our offer - the price, our closing date, deposit and if any our conditions. We talk finance - arranging the deposit bank draft and then we make our offer.


There are multiple ways to purchase a home - sometimes we will make an offer and it gets accepted right away, other times we will negotiate one-on-one with the seller, and other times we may end up in a bidding war.

With my years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in the Toronto market, you can trust that I’ll work hard to help you buy your perfect home at the right price.


Going into an offer it's essential that we have the most up-to-date information on comparables in the area. I always try to talk to the other agent and understand their sellers’ motivations. I also strongly recommend to my clients that they go in with their best offer the first time, and I want them to know that I am going to go in and fight hard for that offer. Being well prepared and knowing the market is key to winning the sale.


Unfortunately, bidding wars have become common in the Toronto real estate market. Sometimes a client’s desire for property leads them to a multiple-offer situation. If an offer comes down to a bidding war, I will make sure you are well represented and ensure that you aren’t bidding past your capability, or releasing conditions without understanding the potential impact of those decisions upon you as the buyer. During bidding wars, it is extremely important to take a cool, rational approach and listen to each other throughout the process.


Even if you are buying a home privately, I offer a critical service to help guide you through the private sales process and help you solidify your decisions on closing dates, conditions, transition, moving arrangements and deal acceptance. I’ll assist with the paperwork and send all documents to your lawyer.


After the sale and before the close I’ll be checking in with you regularly to ensure any questions are answered, and needs are met. I'll help you plan your buyer visits and assist you in setting them up.


Prior to your closing date, I call the lawyer to ensure everything is lined up for the final close. I will also follow up with the other agent and sellers to ensure that everything is lined up for the final close. In the days following your close, I'll be available to answer any questions you may have.


Each experience I have working with clients is unique, but one commonality is I am always fully invested and passionate about providing a full-service experience. The most recurrent comments I get from my client are compliments on my thoroughness, my community knowledge, how accommodating I am, and my sense of humour. I want my clients to know I really do care and always have their personal well-being in mind.

You can always expect that I will work hard for you, thoroughly, and diligently. I'm organized and prepared which allows me to make sure the process is fun and relaxed for my clients. You can rest assured that I know the Toronto neighbourhoods like the “back of my hand”. I also have a legal background of 25+ years as a Real Estate Law Clerk with a highly reputable boutique Toronto Law Firm. I always show a great deal of professionalism, and establishing trust is always important. My integrity as an agent means everything to me; anything you say to me will always be held in confidence.

Let me show you what my 20 years in the Real Estate Business can do for you in finding your dream home.